Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chance Meeting

How strange life is sometimes... It's the peculiar events that sometimes bring excitement to life.

I had the opportunity to meet two new friends last weekend. They were introduced by another friend whom I met through a good friend. The strange (and wonderful) thing is we all just clicked after meeting one another.

These two new friends are on their vacation and stopped by Penang and TH had asked SS to ask me if I could maybe bring them out for some local tastes. It's just coincidence that they came on a Deepavali weekend and I had some free time to show them some sights of Penang.

We had a grand time going to some places even I haven't been before. The Thai temple at Pulau Tikus with the grand looking gold Buddha image and very nicely done archway. The Spice Garden - I had stopped by many times but had never went in and walked around. The newly open Hard Rock Hotel - well, it's new.

And they loved the Chicken Rice Shop! For the weekend, we went there two times!

It was just a chance meeting... But what great chance it was!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You like him, He likes you

But why did nothing happened?

Sometimes people are strange. We reacted when we didn't need to and didn't when we needed to. We talked when we have nothing to say and kept silent when we should have talked.

Sometimes just a few words could change our whole lives. And yet, the words did not come.

Why do we complicate our lives?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Surprisingly, I'm enjoying the movie. Hawaii is looking real good. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii ever since I was a little kid watching Fantasy Island on tv. The sights are just so so beautiful.

My favorite part from the movie was when they just jumped off the cliff into the ocean - in a very spontaneous manner. What a thrill!

The thing I love most about movies like these is that the ending is always good. Downtrodden people will always find their strengths and opportunities, and turned out the better for having gone through a bad patch. Totally feel-good! And the world could always use a feel-good moment anytime...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Split Second Change

We may be in a status quo for a while or even for a long while, but, in a split second, the situation of our lives may change - for the better or for the worse, forever. Just like accidents, they happened so suddenly, when we least expected. Or even, good fortune. Like those people in the casinos who just hit the jackpot. In a blink of an eye, their lives are forever different.

Actions that we performed in one second could dictate the way our lives might turned out.

This could be scary, or, reassuring... depending on where you're coming from.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

View from my window

It's sometimes nice to just sit back, enjoy a cup of tea and look out the window...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Snake Temple, Bayan Lepas, Penang

I suddenly found myself at a lost when was required to think of a place to bring some visiting uncles to. My dad out-of-the-blue thought of the Snake Temple. One of my uncles who used to stay in Penang some 50-odd years ago could still remember the last time he visitted there (almost 60 years ago), so, it turned out to be quite a nostalgic trip for him.

I haven't been there for many years myself. I was surprised at the number of snakes that were there - there were more than I expected! And the crowd was bigger than I expected.

There were some signs of commercialization - as expected - pictures with snakes for a sum of money and a whole area with exotic looking snake which require a small token entrance-fee.

The Kuan Yin Shrine behind the main temple was a nice place to just walk around. There were a few trees in a protected area which has a small crowd of people hanging around. My dad later told me that they were snake-watching. There were actually snakes in the trees!

Hmm... sometimes it is interesting to re-visit places that have been kinda forgotten...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Caught up in life....

It's one of those things that if one is not careful of, one would be totally caught unaware. And by the time one is aware of its trickeries, time has passed us by and life would be as it seem for naught.

That is life and that is work. I have been afraid that I have been too busy with work to live life. And the past month or so of work had given some cause to my fear. I have been so caught up in work that there has been none for much of anything else.

That is a danger.

Time to think of more...